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Those wishing to enroll their kids from nursery, class 1 – 7 should come to the school offices Located at Sakina Silent inn (Town Campus) or Terrat – Muriet kwa Morombo our main campus. Bring them with proof of address and child bio data; We encourage parents to come along with their kids for an interview. Our registration takes place each year from December to early February, April and August,and this is advertised in the local press, posters and TV. If you wish to visit the school please contact the school office and we will be happy to arrange this.

Download application forms
Application Process

Intel Schools is a secular English medium school that accepts students regardless, of religion, race, family composition, socio–economic status. We welcome diverse students from all corners of the country or world. The school believes in spiritual growth for the students but It has no religious affiliation. Admission at Intel Schools takes a two-step process.

  • Fill the interview form

    To begin the admission process at Intel Schools Arusha, start by completing the interview form. This form helps us whether to select your child for a written interview or not.

  • Sit for written examination

    After submitting the interview form, your child will be required to sit for a straightforward written examination, allowing us to assess the child’s basic academic skills.

  • Fill the application form

    Once the examination is completed, proceed to fill out the application form, providing essential information about your child.

  • You are done!

    Congratulations, once you’ve filled out the application form, you’re done with the initial steps of the admission process!

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