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Background of the school:

Intel schools history is traced back in 1998 when it was known as JUE school. As a result of the primary idea the founders decided to build a vibrant English medium nursery, primary and secondary school using their own resources meanwhile seeking sponsorship from different donors. The primary goal of Intel school is helping the children from poor family, orphans or helpless who are denied to get quality primary and secondary education.

Intel school has two campuses, one located at Sakina in Arusha town serving as a nursery school up to standard three and the main campus located at Mkonoo area, about 10 kilometres drive from Arusha town centre serving from nursery, primary and secondary school.

Intel school is fully registered under the Ministry of education to deliver both nursery, primary and secondary education following English medium of instruction. Since the fountain of all this knowledge is human being himself Intel schools believes that a child growth depend on both spiritual and mental growth hence we partnership with parents, churches, NGO’s and individual sponsors supporting children to ensure that the child can get the best out of his/her time at Intel schools  both spiritually and mentally.

Intel school has the work force of 40 staffs where by more than 17 are English medium professional teachers managed by The Managing Director, School Manager, and the Head teacher.

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