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Welcome to Intel schools, a vibrant school located at Muriet – Terat about two Kilometres from Kwa Morombo centre and Town campus located at Sakina Silent inn near Manor hotel. The school was established in 1998 previously known as JUE school providing high-quality education to over 400 primary students in Arusha, Tanzania. The school is registered by Government as an English medium school offering education for both Pre, Primary and Secondary following National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) curriculum.

Hon. Ester Alexander (MP)

Managing Direcor

Welcome Message

The best school, good appearance that attract the students to join us, conducive environments for self studies after classes, best and well experienced teachers with the outstanding performance statistics. Welcome to Intel Schools, we train the hearts and build the character.

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Academic Excellence – Intel schools has been among the best schools in the Nation since it has well and advanced experienced professional teachers. Because of the relatively rapid turnover among teachers in the region and because the Arusha city economy is expanding, it is relatively easy to place highly motivate employees with good skills once they have been identified. As a result of our prior years of experience of management of learning institutions, we are in touch with teachers with proven skills who are the reason to our academic success.

Strong school culture – Our students forge deep and lasting bonds among themselves – friendships that last a lifetime. The Intel School’s student experiences community in ways that promote cooperation, solidarity and common goal. This has been proven by Intel to be the home for the needy by providing education to orphans and vulnerable children across the Nation. Apparently Intel is schooling about 120 needy children in different  levels of classes.

The hidden secret behind the best performance, it is the reinforcement that arouse the student’s desire to perform to the maximum. At Intel Schools, the best students in academics and discipline, are awarded free trips and tours of the different subject matters, just to encourage them to keep up on their progresses.

Above is the staff of Intel Schools with their students when they visited the National Assembly. It was the intention of awarding the form two students-2017, for their out standing performance they had, also encouraging the other students to study hard so as to achieve best fruits of the education services from Intel Schools.

Join us, so that we can serve you well, with our best educational services, the enrollment is still on progress for both primary and secondary. welcome at Intel Schools, Arusha.


Those wishes to enroll their kids from nursery, class 1 – 7 and secondary school are all invited to visit our offices Located at Sakina Silent inn (Town Campus) or Terrat – Muriet/Mkonoo our main campus or call us through the following numbers: +255 625 424 067 or +255 754 373 958. Email us through  or



28Sep 16

2016 – Graduation Ceremony

10th graduation ceremony of Intel Primary school held at the Intel Schools Multipuporse hall in Muriet Terat kwa Morombo, the guest of honor was Arusha District commissioner who represented Deputy…

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