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A humble request to all the sponsors

As it has been mentioned before that Intel is schooling about 120 orphaned/vulnerable children whose among them only 67 of them are sponsored. It takes only $100 a month for the boarding child to get education, housing, meals, security, school uniforms, medical care etc, It takes $70 a month to school a day scholar. We also encourage the donors to contribute at least $30 per month for the student who are waiting for the sponsorship. The school will be responsible to send pictures, terminal academic progressive reports and a letter from a child to the sponsor three times a year thus April, August and December each year.

Levels of sponsorship

Intel schools registers the children from age of 4 – 12 years of age (Nursery  – Standard 7) and Secondary level from 13 to 16 years of age. The reason to why we are establishing a secondary school is to make sure we keep track of our orphaned children to remain in the safe school environment until when they complete the secondary education where the children will be able to choose either to proceed with high school or join the technical education.

The directors launched an initiative to financially support students in need and this has proved highly successful. However this burden has weighed heavily on them with the increasing number of needy students and each and every support either financially or equipment is humbly appreciated.

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Mode of sponsorship

Strong school culture

Full Sponsorship

Throughout the learning period eg. 7 years for primary, 4 years for secondary students.

Half Sponsorship

Minimum 3 years sponsorship or to share with another sponsor.

General Donation

A sponsor can donate anything which goes directly to the school development plans for the orphans.

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